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Welcome to the Cycle

The Game, for a quick introduction.

Just setting things up now and getting the links necessary to run the campaign proper. To start off, the campaign will run every Saturday, scheduled for 1:30 PM. Location will be advised as necessary. It will be taking place in Eclipse Phase, a sci-fi post-apocalyctic transhuman setting with themes of conspiracy, horror, exploration and grimness. Science Fiction influences and analogues range all the way from 2001: Space Odyssey to Stargate, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Cyberpunk, Total Recall, etc.

It runs on a d10 percentile system, however there will be some house rules modifications to make things flow a lot smoother. This campaign in particular will be focused around [redacted], but common themes you can expect to see are conspiracy, cycles, horror and most of all exploration – both of the jagged reality of Eclipse Phase’s many habitats to the uniqueness of it’s virtual landscapes to even alien worlds through the Pandora Gates.

Materials you will need:

A .pdf of the Eclipse Phase Core Rule Book – you aren’t required to read it, but I highly recommend reading the first section on the setting at the very least to familiarize yourself with it.

The quick start rules – useful references to the core skills and mechanics needed for combat. Handy guide to keep on hand. At minimum, read this if you do not have the patience to read the core rules above.

Either 2 d10 dice OR the diceroller Android App – either of these will suffice. I use the android app, mostly since getting dice here in the UAE can be problematic.

Pens and Paper – always a good idea to bring your own!

Useful links

Eclipse Phase Wiki – useful resource that can be searched to get more details. Also contains materials from the other rulebooks.

The Eclipse Phase website

Resources for use by players and GMs alike.

Gulf Roleplaying Community Facebook Page

Gulf Roleplaying Community Forums / site

Miscellaneous Links:

Music and Soundtrack:

Some random music links to get into the theme and inspiration of the campaign:

Dreams of Green – Primordia Soundtrack – Vast fields of Green are only a dream in the modern world of Transhumanity; replaced instead by the dull greys of metal, the blackness of space or the unusual colors of alien worlds.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Earth is in many ways, a twisted, strange place after the fall of the TITANs. A shadow planet full of horrors, yet promising great rewards to those that would dare explore it.

Resilience of Man – X-Com: Enemy Unknown

Dead Cities – Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl OST – The TITANS left behind many dead cities and habitats. Beware what lurks beneath and within.

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